DLI 90:10

Also called Two-Way Bilingual Immersion

Description & Goals
  • Promote bilingualism and biliteracy (English plus target language) and positive cross-cultural attitude and behavior.
  • Whole school day program in elementary; continues as course in secondary.
  • Begins with 50 – 90% of instruction in target language with increasing English until academic work and literacy are 50:50.
  • In secondary grades, some courses remain in target language. Integrates native English speakers and speakers of the target language – providing instruction in both languages to all students together.
  • Target Students

    English Learners and English dominant students, in grades K-12

    Instructional Setting
  • 50% English dominant, 50% target language speakers
  • Most effective when started in Kindergarten
  • Students and families dedicated to maintaining enrollment for 5-6 years
  • Teacher Requirements 
  • Bilingual Authorization/BCLAD/BCC

    Regardless of the specific program model, the key characteristics summarized below should be reflected across all language learning options:

    • Integration of language and culture
    • Active engagement and meaningful interaction
    • Contrastive analysis to build linguistic and cultural diversity within an affirming climate
    • Standards-aligned curriculum and high quality instructional materials, as well as exposure to authentic language models and texts.
    • Valid and appropriate assessment
    • Age appropriate instruction differentiated and scaffolded for different levels of language proficiency
    • Systemic professional development and support for teachers
    • Use of technology integrated into teaching and learning